"I had heard that hip protectors were uncomfortable, but not HipSavers. I put them on when I go out and feel safe. I've shown them to all the members of my osteoporosis group."

Evelyn Sherman
Coronado, CA

"HipSavers have been a very important part of our falls prevention program at the facility. We have seen a reduction in hip fractures and, in fact, have never had a hip fracture on a resident wearing HipSaver. The residents wear them 24/7, they even sleep in them. They are so comfortable we have no problem with compliance."

" We had tried other brands but they did not wear as well, didn’t fit right, and were uncomfortable."

Barbara Stewart
ADON Hanover Hill Nursing
Manchester, NH

"The HipSavers have greatly reduced fractures and serious hip injury."

"We have HipSavers on most of our frequent fallers and all of our Parkinson’s residents. We have had no hip fractures among people wearing HipSavers.

"The families are happy with them too."

Irene Harrison
Resident Care Coordinator
Alterra Clare Bridge at Silverlake
Everett WA

"I fell last night — bang right on the hip! I’d have been a "goner" without those HipSavers."

Lloyd Warfield
HipSaver wearer
Masonic Rest Home
Charlton, MA

"The customer service is great. To be able to pick up the phone and talk with the product development team is amazing."

Jackie Allen
RN VAMC (Veterans Hospital Medical Center)
Roseburg, OR

"HipSavers are such a good product I bought some for my own mother."

Barbara Stewart
Hanover Hill Nursing
Manchester, NH

"A 0% fracture rate in 199 falls among patients wearing HipSavers. . .has convinced us that this intervention is effective."

George Gross
PT, Rehabilitation Manager
Elder Service Plan of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
in BioMechanics Magazine, January 2001

"I read about HipSaver’s success in a local newspaper. I bought a pair for my mom, who was hospitalized. Shortly after, she fell!

The doctors & nurses who saw her fall said that most likely the HipSaver had prevented a fracture. That was enough to convince me that my mom should wear them daily.

At the nursing home where she now resides, the nurses like them so much, they are getting them for other patients. It’s a great product and I was thrilled to be able to find it!"

Janice Bigger
Community Education Coordinator
Family Home Care
Chattanooga, TN

I am a physical therapist working in a Geriatric Care facility. We have been using HipSavers now for about a year and a half.

We have been very pleased with this product and in this time have not had any hip fractures from falls while our patient's were wearing HipSavers.

We have considerably reduced the number of patients who were previously ‘restrained for safety’ as our staff feels much more secure allowing ambulation by patients who have mild balance impairments, knowing that they are wearing HipSavers.

I was also very impressed with the accessibility of HipSaver President, Ed Goodwin. He definitely stands behind his product and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Monica Harvey BScPT
Registered Physical Therapist
Alberta Hospital Ponoka
Alberta, Canada

My father Ron Hall suffers from a Parkinson-like condition that has severely adversely affected his balance. Despite suffering numerous falls that have required hospital visits, and produced a dislocated left shoulder, his hips have never suffered as much as a bruise, we believe because of the HipSavers he has worn now for the last fifteen months. Indeed, he finds them so comfortable, that he wears then throughout the day. His HipSavers have allowed him to maintain as much of his mobility as possible, while giving his family true peace of mind.

Rick Hall
Toronto, Ontario, Canada